Saturday, April 21 at 11:00 AM CT, 12:00 PM ET – Danville, Illinois

Location: 1909 Oak Street, Danville, Illinois. North end of town just South of Winter
Street and West of Vermilion Street. ( Watch for Clingan signs )
11 A.M. C.S.T.
1997 Cadillac Deville D’Elegance. 142,179 miles, loaded, will sell at 12 Noon; Hammers 250 CC ATV;
Kazuma Falcon 150 CC ATV; 2 lawn mowers; walnut Victrola; dark wood china cabinet with metal
grille & light; 2 Duncan Phyfe chairs, dark wood; brass & glass lamp table; leather reclining love seat;
oak cushioned rocker; leather recliner; leather couch recliner; brass & glass coffee table; 9’4” x 11’5”
oriental rug; cedar chest; Metal fire back; parlor settee; parlor chair; blonde oak china cabinet; pump
organ; Ladies walnut desk; oak fireplace mantel; several walnut china cabinets; dresser w/ mirror;
fireplace mantel w/over mantel, maple parlor table; mahogany serpentine dresser; RCA TV; walnut
planter; painted drop leaf table; bow top trunk; painted cabinet w/2 drawers; painted bench; Teal
parlor chair; desk w/ file drawer; flat top trunk; china case w/3 drawers; upholstered chair; blonde 5
drawer dresser; oak 4 drawer dresser w/ mirror; 2 pink upholstered chairs; plaid love seat; green
parlor settee and chairs; Mid-century walnut bookcase/desk; back leather recliner w/footstool; walnut
gate-leg drop leaf table; vanity seat; computer desk; lead glass oak barrister; Maytag washer; Victorian
settee & chair w/ hand embroidered back panels; stack weights; Schwinn Aerodyne; 5 drawer oak
dresser; 9’ x 11’3” Oriental rug; weight bench, newer; black bar cabinet w/ rotating door & glasses;
Occupied Japan; Geisha girl collection;; tea pot collection; pink depression glass; carnival glass;
Chinese bowl; nut crackers; small oil lamp; antique hats (purchased in Danville); bookends; finger
salts; stemware; Palmer house silver dish; Beard Ice of Danville advertising; antique advertising
booklets; The New Penny Magazine; framed song sheets; Sterling candle stick; mantel clock; Dale
Earnhardt collection; portable wooden case Singer sewing machine; lava lamp; sports cards; trophies;
firelighter; 1985 Cabbage Patch doll; wind-up train w/ track; 4 “An American Tail Goes West” dolls in
boxes; antique books; roller skates; McDonalds toys in boxes; player piano reels ; vintage children’s
clothing; wooden dumbbell; camel hair coats; mink stole; very large collection of “Wizard of Oz
”items; ceramic rooster collection; portable antique washing machine; enamel ware; scales; milk glass;
brown mason jar; notary presses; planters; peanut machine; Pfaltzgraff dishes; Tobacciana; Cub Scout
items; Lang United States Navy book; stereoscope; Hotel Wolford china; many other items.
Note: Many good items. Richard & Susan have sold their home and moving to smaller
Terms: Cash or check with proper I.D. required for buyer number. Not responsible for
property after sold.
Richard & Susan Drake – Owner
Auction Conducted by:
Greg Clingan, Auction & Real Estate
Jim Clingan, Auction & Realty
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