Saturday, April 28 at 11 AM ET – 2367 E 1450 N, Covington, Indiana

Location: 2367 E 1450 N , Covington, Indiana or 3 miles North of Perrysville on C.R. 200 E , then ¼ mile East on 1450 N, or 3 miles South of Heartland Ford on C R.. 200 E, then 1/4 mile East on C.R. 1450 N. ( Watch for Clingan signs )

SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2018 11 A.M.


Oak round 54” table with 5 leaves with claw feet; oak china cabinet; wood adjustable floor lamp; sofa; glider rocker; several baskets; 5 cane bottom chairs; Sony CD radio; Singer treadle sewing machine; lamps; William Davis Civil War books; retro baby buggy; smoking stand; Sweet Cuba metal cigar box; wood Lazy Susan; foot stools; wood bird cage; table & 4 chairs; Macomb 20 gal. crock; 4 tiered woof shelf; heirloom clock; paper shredder; artificial flowers; brass bells; camel back trunk; Casio keyboard; 4 leg pedestal table with inlay; quilt rack; cane bottom stools; refurbished porcelain doll; sword; piano music books; old fish scale by Moaton & Bremner; microphones; throw rugs & runners; embroidery lap rack; Eugene Township 1824 – 1924 book; oil paintings by Ruth Vickery – Snoddy Mill & Eugene Bridge; Echoes year books: 1945,50,52,58,59,64; tea cup collection; sheets; blankets; bedding; tons of nice material; candle warmers; Hull vase; 13+ oil lamps; Longaberger basket; Williamsburg pottery; full size bed; 10 cookie jars; ceramic cat collection; rocking chair; candle warmers; plaster watermelon pot holders; Chinese flower vases; Baumont pottery set; glass butler churn – Dazey; dorm size fridge; antique potato masher collection; crock jug; old porcelain coffee pot; IU flag; child’s porcelain dishes; Shawnee fruit bowl; cow & pig pitcher; Fire King green sugar & creamer; Noritake china complete set; carnival glass; Dr. Johnson Perrysville medicine bottle; Edison Victrola & records; Silvertone banjo; J.D. youth boots; Roebuck bib overalls 43” x 32”; poodle skirt; Barska binoculars; Lensatic compass; Case knives with sheaths; Kodiak hunter knife; Real Tree Road trip binoculars; Ka – Bar knife; Old Timer Case knife; Crane brand Solingen Germany knife; white tail cutlery knife; Schrade knife; Edge Mark bone handle; pocket knives; Violin copy of Jacobus Stainer, Germany; cooks books; Mc Coy cookie jars; queen bed; antique iron bed; 4 drawer chest; Raggedy Ann & Andy piggy bank; Charlie Chaplin 8 mm movie; Danville Producer Dairy cream bottle; lace scarf – Barcelona; Roseville jar; Coke bottle opener 1933; Fire King mixing bowl; nesting set of Pyrex mixing bowls; Midland walkie talkies; brass bells; round rag rug; RCA VHS player; Fenton candy dish; 10 pieces of Jewell Tea; hobnail; 7 chairs; apple dish sets; mustache cup; antique mesh purse; aluminum corn bread mold; Craig CD player with remote; 2 gal Western Stoneware crock; new stainless steel deep fryer; cookie cutters; mixer; towels; blankets; sheets; Demi John Civil war canteen; 5 gal. Bee Hive crock; 5 gal. Blue Ribbon jug; #14 cast iron skillet; #8 cast iron skillet; Deluxe food processer; Snoddy’s Mill flour sacks; Kirby sweeper; rooster weather vane; lawn chairs; step ladders; children’s games; wind chime; Gibson cowboy dishes; lamp table; embroidery floss Singer industrial sewing machine; Macomb Stoneware crock; rolls & bolts of material; portable Singer sewing machine; fans; flags; Hull; afghans; Hoover sweeper; Rival Roaster oven – new; canning supplies; bags of poly – fill; button lamp; island with 2 stools; Jumbo electric griddle; wood medicine cabinet; sled; Log Cabin Syrup bank; Rogers baby cup; Selmer Bundy tenor saxophone; buttons; Ernie Pyle Here is Your War; History Under our Feet – Vermillion County; Images of Brown County – Ernie Pyle; new quilts made by Betty; other items.

1990 Honda Civic, 173,629 miles, hail damage, needs fuel pump, will sell at 12 Noon. ; Craftsman LT 1000 17.5 H.P. lawn tractor; Craftsman lawn tractor; Evinrude gas can; boat paddles; fishing poles; life jackets; planters; bird baths; croquet set; wet/dry vac; staple gun; mower blades; large goose decoys; foundry boot jack; some electrical tools; seal puller tool; car ramps; hand plow; grease gun; Homelite Super 2 chain saw; buckets; garden tools; come a long; galvanized oil funnel; chains; tool box; bird houses; picnic tables; porch swing; 3 wheel bike; picnic table; swing set frame; sprayer; hedge trimmer; 2 wheel barrows; stainless gas grill; pitcher pump; alum. ext. ladder; old hand pump; wind chimes; lantern; tackle box; garden gate; ice cream maker; Acme Brick Co. from Perrysville high school; seed spreader; camel tent; other items.

Terms: Cash or check with proper I.D. required for buyer number. No property to be removed until settled for. Generations Catering Note: A very clean auction.

Georgia McBride – P.O.A.

Copy of salebill (2)

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